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Deva Set:

Styling curly hair with Deva Curl products to

achieve a moisturized and defined look


Deva Cut:

The cut is created on dry hair so the stylist sees how each curl will fall and each individual curl is shaped.

Consultation, education and setting are included.

Setting $45
Deva trim $65
Deva trim and setting (short hair) $75
Deva trim and setting (medium hair) $85
Deva trim and setting (long hair) $95
Deva shape (medium hair) $100
Deva shape (long hair) $125
Deva cut (medium hair) $150
Deva cut (long hair) $200

Wash and Styling Included

Haircut bar:
Senior hairstylist (Angela) $45 and up
Junior hairstylist (Mindy) $35 and up

Blow Dry Bar:

Short hair $30

Medium hair $35

Long hair $45

Natural hair $55 and up

Deep Conditioner:

Hydration deep conditioner $20

Protein deep conditioner $25

Regular $10

Cut and blow dry:

Cut and Blow Dry

$45.00 - $65.00

Wash and Styling Included


Wash & Set

Starting at $25.00

Wash & rollos set $35.00


Framing highlights $65
Pintura $85
T line highlights $70
Balayage $160
Full head short $125

Hair for special occasion
Braids/ Curls/ Pony tail

$55- $150

Make up
$45.00- $85.00

Sweet Sixteen


(By consultation)



Ask for our hair Conditioners/ Deep repair treatment/ Scalp recovery/ Scalp exfoliant / Oil treatment 


Keratin or Smoothing Conditioner:

Replenishes keratin protein, strength and lost moisture for smoother, more manageable hair. Improves and prolongs the results of any Keratin Smoothing Treatment and is also safe for use on natural, chemically-treated or color-treated hair.
Short hair $150.00
Medium $225.00
Long $ 350.00

(care products are included)


Color Bar:

Color touch up $55

Color touch up low ammonia $65

Glaze $55

Gloss $15

Color application $45

New hair color $95

Double process $250

Highlights service color gloss and deep conditioner are included 


Relaxer or Straighten

(hair repair conditioner and hair protector are included)

$85.00- $150.00


Skin Care by Andrea Moreno

$65.00 and up

Facials/ Hydration/ Relaxation/ Firming/ Acne/ ExfoliationManicure/ Pedicure/ Special pedicure/ Gel Manicure/

Gel Pedicure/ Tips/ Crystal Clear/ Power Wrap


Massages by Andrea Moreno

$45.00 and up

Relaxing/ Cellulitis/ Reduction/ Swedish/ Deep Tissue





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